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The small east coast town of Kuala Rompin, located at the south east coast of the Malaysian state of Pahang and facing the South China Sea, is home to one of the world's great angling secrets.

The new town is small and compact, and has a couple of filling stations, five to six rows of shophouses, a small bus station and a couple of local, open-style restaurants.

The town is quiet and relaxing. There is no night life as such - no bars or clubs - but some of the local restaurants do sell beer and there is a wine/cigar shop located next to the town's only "supermarket". There are a couple of hotels within about 5 to 15 minutes' driving distance from the town. They range from 2-star to 4-star.

We, however, prefer to stay at the local riverside chalets. These are clean, have attached bathroom and air-conditioning and are only a minute walk from a good restaurant and one minute-walk from the jetty where we board our boats. There's nothing nicer than sitting in the open with a cold drink and good food on a balmy tropical evening.

The fishing at Kuala Rompin
It is difficult to describe something that, until you have been there and seen/done it yourself, is almost beyond comprehension. The clear, azure waters off Kuala Rompin boast one of the world's great angling secrets.

And it is still a relatively unknown destination for the Indo-Pacific Sailfish. The season runs from around mid-March to early November each year. At certain times, the Sails congregate in such numbers that daily double-figure catches are the norm. However, not every day is Christmas, but all in all you would be most unlucky if you don't get a couple, at least!

Other species inlcude the Black Marlin (mainly juveniles of up to 80kg), Cobia, Dorado (Mahi-mahi), Barracuda, Narrow-barred Mackerel, GT and other Trevally species, and bottom-fishing Snappers, Groupers and Parrotfish.

The Sailfish of Kuala Rompin are not monsters as such, but average around the 20kg to 40kg mark. That being said, our biggest for 2008 weighed in at 57kg - a decent fish in any langauge.

The thrill, however, is in that first run when 200 to 300 metres of line can strip off at 70km per hour! And then that first leap, and maybe a tail walk as well - an awesome sight!

Guides, boats and tackle
As you can see in "About Us", both IGFA rep Aziz and Anthony have a wealth of experience in the angling world.

There are, however, a number of websites proclaiming to be specialists in the Rompin Sails. Chances are, they are little more than middlemen.

Others claim to have been the first, the founder of Rompin Sails, or the best among the experts. We claim to be neither. We don't claim to be the best and we don't claim to have been the "discoverer" of the Rompin Sails. But we are very good at what we do and we are among the pioneers of the Rompin Sailfish.

We provide good boats (30-footers with fast, 4-stroke engines), and good tackle: After all we are anglers ourselves and don't like bad tackle. We believe that fishing is to be enjoyed!

We recommend a 3-day fishing programme at the least. However, we do offer 2 days, 3 nights. We will not depart at 4am nor will we make you finish early to get back to KL/Singapore on the last day.

One thing we always do is search for the Sails. Many boat operators just wait up  at a passing station and stay there all day even if there is no fish. We move, and move constantly in search of the Sails. You can probably get slightly cheaper than us, but learn from the experience of Oleg from Ukraine who said: Cheap means just that! Poor everything - gear, bait, service, Captain etc.

See you soon...

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