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Proper planning is always essential when considering a serious angling trip anywhere. Malaysia is no exception. A properly organised fishing package encompassing local knowledge may prove the difference between success and failure.

Fishing is normally customised to suit angling groups and their particular choice of destination. Whether you want salties or freshies, or a combination of both, packages can be tailored accordingly.

The main season for all fishing is from mid March to end October each year. Early correspondence is necessary.

What you should know
Rules, Regulations & Bag Limits:
Currently rules and regulations with regard to angling are being drafted by the government. However, at present no legislation has been imposed on angling in general. The only exception to this is with regard to national and marine parks. In national parks a permit to fish is required and is obtainable for a fee of approximately US$3 from parks' offices. A camera fee of approximately US$2 is also imposed. In marine parks, fishing is not permitted within 2 nautical miles of the park boundary. In order to sustain the quality of angling, catch and release is highly recommended for the majority of species.
As with all tropical destinations, it is advisable to carry high UVA / UVB sun block skin protection and good quality polarised sunglasses. Hats should be worn at all times during exposure to sun. Anti-malarial protection is strongly recommended.
All angling visitors should arrange their own personal accident insurance and sufficient cover for their fishing tackle, cameras and other valuables. You will be requested to sign a waiver form.
Many factors need to be considered when it comes to angling and even if all the required measures are taken to ensure a good trip there is still no known method to force a fish to bite. Excellent catches, however, should prevail.
Food & Drinks:
All customised fishing itineraries include meals as part of the package while at sea, camping or at major lakes. This, however, is mainly local food. Mineral water is also usually provided. All other drinks and meals are at one's own expense.
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