Is all fishing equipment provided?

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We, as anglers ourselves, feel that most anglers prefer to use their own gear. However, we do include all fishing gear should you choose not to bring your own. Our larger gear is mainly Penn and Shimano reels with a mixture of 20 to 40lb rods a mixture of various types for bait fishing. Fly fishing equipment is not provided.


Do you organise or provide any form of insurance?

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No. As individual needs vary from person to person all angling visitors should arrange their own personal insurance to cover accidents, etc. Sufficient coverage should also be taken for all equipment. You will be required to sign a waiver.


What vaccinations or medical precautions do I need?

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For visitors to Malaysia no special vaccinations are required unless you are traveling from infected areas.

However as a precautionary measure we would recommend hepatitis injections to cover the broad spectrum and anti malarial medication. Check with your local medical practitioner.


Is English or any other language spoken?

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English is widely spoken in Malaysia in the service industry. In the more remote areas, however, it is less understood. Your local angling guides are always on hand to translate.


What's the best time of the year?

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There is no best time - angling can be good the whole year through with the exception of the monsoon season which runs from November to February. We only take bookings from mid March to end October for the Rompin Sails.